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PROVISION OF necessary items
up to the baby´s first year
for mothers facing economic difficulties


We are attentive to every mother participating in our programs, and to ensure she has everything she needs during the birth and growth of her baby. Recognizing that economic situations can be an obstacle or a source of distress when a child is on the way, we support her with the provision of:


  • Trousseau and bag crafted with love by our volunteers for the mother to receive her child.

  • Diapers: Sizes S to XXL (up to the baby's first year).

  • Baby clothes

  • Other items: crib, stroller, car seat, high chair, bathtub, etc.

  • Accessories: bottles, breast pumps, toys, pacifiers, rattles, bibs, blankets, sheets, towels, bibs, etc.

  • Formula milk: in cases where breastfeeding is interrupted.

"I had to take everything out… It looks like Santa's backpack! I can't believe it, I could find even deodorant, a gown for me and maternity pants! I am truly grateful! Seriously, Lucía is very happy with all her clothes."

—  Yesenia

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