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SPACE FOR  listening and support for women



Following the initial meeting, our goal is to maintain a close and supportive relationship with each mother, ensuring she feels nurtured and valued. This approach enables her to fully embrace and find joy in her motherhood journey and the choices she has made. 
To achieve this, we activate our extensive support network, which provides comprehensive and individualized assistance throughout her pregnancy and continuing into the first year of her child's life.

We aim to ensure she feels cared for by providing a supportive network that assists her throughout her pregnancy and extends into the first year of her baby's life.

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Over the years, we continue to confirm that by caring for the woman, helping her rediscover her capacity to love, she can face her difficulties with renewed hope and discover the value of life.

"Thank you very much for helping me. Sometimes, desperation, anguish and fear don't allow us to think. The arrival of a baby is the greatest blessing that can exist, a love for a lifetime, UNCONDITIONAL love. I thought I couldn't do it, or that I wouldn't be a good mother, and here I am, fighting every day for my daughter, who is my reason for living, the joy of my life. I am very grateful to you for guiding me and helping me understand that a child is not a mistake."

—  Yamila

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