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“I am so grateful to all of you, because had I not come to the Center, my life would be awful. With you, I found a light amidst the darkness.”

—  María Victoria


“Thank youuuuu!! I have just changed his diaper. You can’t imagine what he is like!! I am so in loooove with my baby, I can’t stop looking at him.
Thank you for so much. Honestly, it was soooo worth it.

—  Karen


“I wanted to thank you so much for all the beautiful things for my baby. I loved everything. Thank you, a thousand times! Honestly, you were super helpful throughout my pregnancy. You kept in touch with me… a lovely group of people.”

— Amalia



“My pregnancy wasn’t easy; it was a nine-month period of time, filled with changes and acceptance that today I enjoy with a smile and relief having opted for the life of my baby, who wakes me up every morning with a smile. He brings me peace.”

—  Aylén


““Once again, thank you for being the hope I was looking for. The day we came to see you, I was very sad, feeling I had lost the battle. Yesterday, I experienced a new feeling, emotion… laughing and at the same time not being able to stop crying. I finally felt my life had a purpose! I will always be grateful to you for allowing me to live this and be as happy as I am now; the feeling is too big for my heart.”

—  Alejandro

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